On September 9th, FCKH8.com released a video campaign to support organizations fighting racism in Ferguson, Missouri. The video entitle, "Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids by FCKH8.com," featured children from Ferguson wearing t-shirts stating "Racism isn't over, but I'm over racism". The video now has over 400,000 views on YouTube.

Hands up Demonstrators march during a night  of sporadic clashes with police that followed a  day of mostly peaceful protests on Aug. 19 (Time Magazine, 2014)
Hands up Demonstrators march
during a night of sporadic
clashes with police on Aug. 19
(Time Magazine)

The campaign came after the shooting death of an unarmed person, Michael Brown, by a police officer, Darren Wilson. The shooting revealed that racial tensions in Missouri existed and called to end the violence and racism.

To support FCKH8's campaign to end racism, you can buy a t-shirt, bracelet, or hoodie that shares the same slogan as the kids in the video, “Racism Is Not Over. But I’m Over Racism.”

People in a crowd hold signs and listen to speakers at a demonstration on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, in Decatur, Georgia, in the town square. The demonstration of more than 200 people was held in response to the shooting death of Michael Brown and following unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. (AP Photo/ Ron Harris)
People hold signs during rally.
(AP Photo/ Ron Harris)

For every T-shirt, hoodie and tank sold, FCKH8 donates $5 to organizations working in communities to fight racism. The organizations are Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis (www.ulstl.org), NAACP (http://www.naacp.org), Brown Memorial Fund (http://www.gofundme.com/justiceformikebrown), Crossroads Anti-racism Organizing & Training (http://crossroadsantiracism.org).

As of September 14th, the campaign raised over $6000. Support the fight on FCKH8.com


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